Spring Musical: International Spy Academy

May 1, 2017 By 0 Comments

BSBC Spring Musical May 13 & 14, 6:30 pm

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Brown Street Baptist’s Sunshine Choir & Actors Present
Their Spring Play May 13 & 14, 6:30 pm (free admission)

Join us for this family-friendly musical where Queen Lucy Furlover, under the influence of her advisor has confiscated every copy of the Bible in her country of Furlandia! Patch and crew agree to help the International Spy Academy take in Bibles. But problems arise because of a spy who keeps the enemy one step ahead. When they find themselves in the dungeon, only God can help them escape, and get Bibles to the Christians who so desperately need them!

It’s another installment in the  spiritual/challenging CDs from Majesty Music’s Patch the Pirate Adventures. Do you have a Bible in your home? If not, our Spy Academy agents want to help, and send one home with you!

 With men it may be Impossible – But with God, all things are Possible